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2019 September

The State of Cannabis Today: Where Weed Is Legal Around the World

Here are the bud basics you need to know about the state of cannabis legalization around the world, right now. By Bill Weinberg Published on October 1, 2019 In the past few years, legal cannabis has emerged as a booming global industry, despite the fact that it remains prohibited both by U.S. federal law and the UN

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Thailand Plants Largest Pot Farm in Southeast Asia, Will Allow Home Grow

Few places in the world are seeing the cannabis reform conversation go at the pace of Thailand, where officials recently announced they’d planted Southeast Asia’s largest legal cannabis crop.   By Jimi Devine Published on October 16, 2019 This September, the largest legal medical cannabis crop in Southeast Asia was planted at Thailand’s Maejo University, in

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Cannabis Industry: 2020 Predictions

Julie Weed Contributor Forbes Trep Talks  Entrepreneurs I cover the legal marijuana industry and its entrepreneurs Cannabis sales have increased substantially in the last few years, but so has the competition with more growers, retailers and other entrepreneurs vying for a stake in the “green rush.” At the same time, an oversupply of marijuana and the

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EXCLUSIVE: Jamaica readies rules for commercial medical cannabis exports

Published September 9, 2019 | By Matt Lamers In addition to drawing tourists with destinations such as Montego Bay, Jamaica allows travelers to purchase medical marijuana if certain conditions are met. Jamaica is engaging stakeholders over highly anticipated regulations to govern the export of commercial-scale medical cannabis, and the rules are expected to be finalized within weeks, according to

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The Great Race to Become the World’s Weed Supplier

The big play in cannabis may be the global export game. Is the time to get in now? Companies vying to be the biggest cannabis producer in America or Canada are wasting their time and suffering from a crippling lack of vision. The real play is to make a bid to become the worldwide leader

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