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About Us

Our Vision

We share a collective vision for longevity in the Cannabis industry. We aspire to be the cannabinoid supply chain partner of choice for the world’s leading CPG brands. We aim to continue setting the standards for quality, compliance, and consistency. Overall, we’re committed to advancing the industry forward and making cannabis accessible to all through scientific innovation and research.

Cannabis oil distillates are arguably the future of cannabis concentrates. With unmatched purity and sheer versatility, distillate oils provide a clean and potent product with limitless application potential.

We can consistently deliver a TRUE Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum THC or CBD based formula to meet your unique needs.

Once cultivation, drying and curing is completed, our processing facility will then ship the phyto-cannabinoid rich plant material to our extraction facilities where we turn the biomass into full spectrum oil. Once converted into oil, each batch is then assigned a unique barcode and certified at our in-house testing lab, after which the product will go through rigorous and frequent third party testing as followed to ensure that the critical attributes of taste, color, potency, and purity consistently meet quality control specifications before being shipped directly to our B2B customers or manufacturers to be made into premium phyto-cannabinoid rich finished product.

Our Objectives

Undertake large-scale farming and continuous extraction to manufacture cannabinoid concentrates, pure cannabinoid, organic cannabinoids and nano-cannabinoid for recreational, nutraceutical, medical markets.

  • We thrive to become a world leader in supplying the highest quality Cannabis and/or cannabinoids on the global
  • To address the unmet need for a natural effective treatment of millions of suffering patient from around the world.

Our Values


A great product is nothing without integrity, Island Dutch reflects our personal values.

We're committed not only to the quality of our products and customer care of our clients but also the quality of your experience with cannabis. Innovation, variety, affordability, experience and a focus on all-natural products give us the edge on our competitors. Your enhanced cannabis experience is the end result of our knowledge and dedication.

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Management Team

Island Dutch Bio-sciences team reflects a group of diverse individuals with a unique combination of skills and experience that touch on every aspect of design, development and management of a global leader in Cannabis production and extraction. With a wealth of knowledge in agricultural equipment design, large scale mechanized farming, continuous extraction processes, pharmacology, chemistry, regulatory affairs and speciality marketing, the team has built a revolutionary bio-tech company that will mass produce high quality cannabinoid concentrates and pure chemicals for nutraceuticals, medical and recreational markets.

Clients Testimonials

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Extremely Knowledgable with Amazing Product

Island dutch has educated our staff and team on the pros and cons of cultivation production. They have implemented a cultivation system to follow and we could not be any happier with the results. They went above and beyond with their customer service and the quality of the product speaks ...