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Products & Services

Products & Services

With up to 300 seed varietal and counting to choose from, we guarantee to find you the strains suitable for your market.

Organic raw cannabis flower (to entire industry)
Indica/Sativa/Hybrid strains available

  • High THC
  • High CBD

Non-organic raw dried cannabis (to entire industry)
Indica/Sativa/Hybrid strains available

  • High THC
  • High CBD

Organic Cannabinoid Concentrate (to entire industry):

  • High THC blend
  • High CBD blend

Pure Cannabinoid – Bulk Wholesale (to entire industry):

  • Pure THC (bulk or custom packaged)
  • Pure CBD (bulk or custom packaged)
  • Custom THC/CBD blends (any ratio)

Nano-Cannabinoid – Bulk Wholesale (to entire industry):

  • Nano-particulate organic Cannabis concentrate (bulk or custom packaged)
  • Nano-THC (bulk or custom packaged)
  • Nano-CBD (bulk or custom packaged)


We will operate a Capna Ethanol Extraction & Pope Fractional Recovery Systems

  1. The Capna system is the most efficient system in the industry in extracting cannabinoids. Average Efficiency: Capna= 98.5%, Butane = 97%, CO2 = 75-80%
  2. The FDA considers ethanol a harmless solvent. Ethanol is used in thousands of foods, as well as over the counter and prescription medicines and other oral products. For example, it’s used in alcohol “free” beer and wine, whipping cream, ice-cream, candy, breads, syrups, soft-drinks, pizza dough, protein bars and many other foods for either preserving or flavoring.  It is also used in vitamins, cough syrups, suppressants, decongestants, antihistamines, sleeping aides, inhalers and many others.  Additionally, it is used oral products like mouth wash, sugarless gum, and others.
  3. Full Spectrum Products: Because the Capna systems operates under extreme cold, it preserves the terpenes that give cannabis its flavor and taste. Therefore, the Capna system is ideal for creating Shatter and Live Resin, which are normally associated with BHO.
  4. +99% Pure: After refinement, Capna made products contain Zero PPM residual solvent, and purity of more than 99% after distillation.

Agricultural Suppliers

  • Canadian Hydrogardens, Ancaster, ON, Canada
  • Botanicare Organic Fertilizers, Chandler, AZ, U.S
  • DeCloet Greenhouse Manufacturing Ltd., Simcoe, ON, Canada
  • A.M.A Plastics Ltd., Kingsville, ON, Canada

Analysis of Products


Cannabis cultivation is a specialty to Island Dutch Biosciences, with decades of experience, hand selected strains, and tedious attention to detail all contribute to cultivating a superior cannabis product. We are 100% Percent confident we will grow you the best organic and non-organic cannabis product at the cheapest available price on the market.


Organic and Non-Organic Concentrates (High THC or high CBD or Custom Blends) Concentrate is the fastest growing cannabis market sector. Less than 1% of concentrate or pure cannabinoids are currently Certified Organic. The combination of high quality concentrate available in custom THC and CBD ratios, derived from organically grown Cannabis for a price that’s a fraction less then 99% percent of suppliers

Products We’ll Develop


A neutral tasting, water-soluble vaginal lubricant containing nano-cannabinoids demonstrated to stimulate libido and sexual response in peri- and postmenopausal women.


A sunscreen spray containing CBD and SPF 60 filters to protect against UVA and UVB burning and sun-induced skin cancer.


25 mg organic in capsules; potent extract of organic hemp with natural anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties and no psychotropic effects.


A topical medicated rub containing anti-inflammatory cannabinoids to reduce sore muscle and joint pain.


A lip-balm formulation of organic Cannabis waxes and CBD with CBD’s natural SPF-15 sun protection that moisturizes, reduces sun burn and protects lips against sun induced cancer.


A topical medicated rub containing anti-inflammatory cannabinoids to reduce sore muscle and joint pain.


Offers smokers the opportunity to replenish lost aromatic terpenoids that evaporate from dry marijuana flowers. TerpTips guarantee smoker’s get the full “Entourage Experience” (the synergy between terpenes and cannabinoids) from their dry marijuana enhancing their experience.


A formulated blend of cannabinolic acids for seniors clinically demonstrated to create a prolonged feeling of wellbeing, reduced anxiety, inflammation in joints and pain. Non-psychoactive, WellBeing inhibits the COX enzymes responsible for joint inflammation and pain. WellBeing is 20 times more active than Ibuprofen or Advil without their adverse side effects. WellBeing’s anti-metastatic properties are also known to inhibit the spread of prostate cancer.